Monday, 25 October 2010

I'm Happy Today

Okaay I try to make a new post with English language :)

Exactly on this day is Sunday 24 October 2010, as usual I wake up at 05.30 for praying but not as usual, because there was my friend who was staying in my house. We praying together, and at 06.00 my friend borrow my bike to go to college because in college, her sister was ill. Okaay no problem cause I'm not use this motorcycle, I can go to Warnet with my other friend and he will return my motorcycle at 10.00.

10.00 O'clock

Errr where is my friend !@#$%^&*() okaay maybe he so busy there no problem I continue playing DotA, I need my motorcycle at noon cause I go to my house girlfriend. In game DotA I win but when 11.00 the internet has been disconnected repeatedly and and not one game that was settled for the future until 15.00 but I'm happy cause my hero in DotA was good he was Beyond Godlike repeatedly :D

15.00 O'clock

Okaay my friend who took my motorcycle has until and now time to come home take a bath and then go home my girlfriend. Arriving at my girlfriend house, as usual we were talking, joking, playing cards etc. I help her with her school assignment to find articles about the latest Internet and until just before maghrib I was there, but I'm still miss her so I decided to longer here.

18.00 O'clock

Jreeeng, the light is off, At Sawangan Permai the lights is off. Whereas there was no rain, storms or lightning but why the lights is off ? Here is very dark without the aid of light, fortunately, there are candles were lit by my mother's girlfriend. Not as usual, there is no any sound that only our voices be heard. we gathered in the living room and my mother's girlfriend tells of life as a young previously and we were talking past each other our. I became very happy because we feel close to, hopefully that will come at a time when our relationship get a blessing from him. Amiiin :D and do not forget Im go to pray.

19.00 O'clock

My girlfriend asked me to accompany him to take money at the ATM, ATM at gas station Sawangan is on a rechargeable so we take the money from an ATM that is not far from Mampang. After taking the ATM, we bought fried rice and return home. Turns off its lights still on Sawangan. We eat together in the living room. after dinner we all talked back in the living room, it felt very happy as to be this close with his family

21.00 O'clock

I was returning home, the trip was cold but the chill is gone because of a sense of happy that existed at that time hehehehe when he got home I went straight to bed with a smile not forget before I go sleep, I'm praying and thanks to Allah because he has provided invaluable pleasure on this day.

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