Sunday, 8 March 2020

Miss you

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Kesimpulannya cuma 1, miss you, Riri :"

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At least, I have given my best

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Old Loading Screen Game Fantasy War Tactics

The loading screen from game Fantasy War Tactics at Android is all hero with they words, each hero have 4 different loading screen. There is no order which hero will be shown at loading screen, totally random.
But mostly appear the loading screen is the new hero update.

There is Loading Screen from game Fantasy War Tactics, the old one. Not all I got the screenshot while playing and see the loading, I missing some of the hero and now no more old loading screen. But, please enjoy it ;).

Alex the Lancer

Alfred the Professor

Angela the Iron Princess

Aran the Conqueror of Battlefield

Azrael the Artificial Angel

Banshee the Witch

Belle the Healer

Carrot the BigShot

Cat Sidhe the Wildcat

Celestial the Dragon

Chenny the Magician

Chris the White Knight

Cleo the Succubus

Deborah the Magician

Deimos the Tyrant


Dolores the Nouveau Riche

Dominique the Resistance

Elektra the Fonea Queen

Jenny the Cowgirl

Eunwol the The Forgotten Hero

Evan the Dragon Master

Frankenstein the Butler

Fruel the Combat Ranger

Gillan the Drug Master

Hella the Aide

Henry the Killing Machine

Ian the Black Cat

Jack the Werewolf

Jenny the Cowgirl

Jin the Mercenary Captain

Jin Kisaragi the Hero

Kai the Hero

Kitty the Android

Klein the Archmage

Krut the Orc Warrior

Lance the Golem

Lee the Psychokinetic

Lena the Diva

Lilid the Wild Boy

Lily the Maid

Lucas the Zombie

Luminous the Guardian of Light

Mas the Bard

Mercedes the Elf Queen

Moa the Black Wizard

Momo the White Rabbit

Mu the Exorcist

Muang the Pyromaniac

Muzaka the Werewolf

Nirvana the Healer

Noel the Successor

Nox the Vampire

Persona the Phantom Thief

Phantom the Thief

Poni the Phoenix

Raboff the General

Rachel the Vampire

Rage the Gunner

Ragna the Reaper

Raizel the Noblesse

Raskreia the Lord

Reina the Wolf Hunter

Seira the Reaper

Serendi the Dryad

Serphina the Magic Knight

Shark the Pirate

Shu-Shu the Little Angel

Sione the Black Bride

Sonic Boom the Ninja

Spooky the Witch

Sraka the Orc Warrior

Tao the Kung Fu Girl

Unknown the Wanderer

Valkyrie the Soul Gear

Yekaterina the Magician

Zero the Assassin