Saturday, 2 July 2011

How To Fix or Return Account Twitter When Has Been Hacked

These were all taken from my experience. A few weeks ago my account has been hacked, avatar changed, username changed, email changed, password changed, all bio delete and all connection has been revoke access from the hacker. happened when I was logged using one via twitter, unconsciously when I'm tweets, avatars different username and I saw in profile is also different it all, after a moment of connection via twitter is broken and need to be logged. When I hedak login password / username is wrong, most likely my account has been hacked and right when I entered my email a notification that I've changed my email while no change

first you have to remember the email that you wear on your twitter, then try to grab images from your computer you that your email has been revamped for the evidence to the twitter. like this

If you believe your account has been compromised, please be sure you’ve read our Help Page on compromised accounts:

write on these form, remember if twitter reply your message, this HUMAN not BOT

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